7 days, 7 nights.

so the dreaded controlled-crying started last night, and it was what some would call a successful night. it is also what i would call “the night from hell, times 5, on fire, with gremlins” who are also, coincidentally, ON FIRE.
don’t get me wrong, i’m stoked that Bea finally crashed out and went to sleep on her own, but i’ve had 2 weeks of nights that consist of 2 hour (or less) sleeps.
because we were both completely wrecked last night — ross from a party the previous night, and me from my 2 weeks of suffering the baby who can only be compared to damien from ‘the omen’ — we all went to bed when Bea did, which was 7.30pm, which is early even for her. stupidly, ross and i lay in bed for some hours just talking to each other, and by the time we started to fall asleep, around 9.45pm, bea was in full blaze. we went in to comfort her in blocks, first we waited 5 minutes, then 10, then 15, 20, 30 and finally 45. 45 minutes of solid ear-piercing screaming and “mama!” is enough to drive anyone completely bonkers. she did not stop crying until 1.30am. this is successful in the way that usually, i would just get up when she first started crying, and sit up with her all night until she decided to crash at midday. it is unsuccessful in the way that no normal child should physically be able to cry for 4 hours, fairly solidly with little to no breaks. i’m surprised we didn’t pull her out of the cot covered in vomit this morning, because hell, i know i would have hocked up something if i’d been making all that racket.

so tonight is my turn to try brave it on my own. i have orders that i’m allowed to ring ross if i’m hysterical and contemplating picking her up, but he’s not coming back until tomorrow night. he’s staying here every second night for a week, or for as long as it takes to get bea back into a sleeping cycle that is considered healthy and normal.

dear god
If you like me, please let beatrix sleep tonight and I’ll totally make it worth your while. You like Mercedes-Benzes, yes?