snot, anyone?

mucus has hit my house in a big way — all 3 of us girls; my mum, bea and i, are sick with this awful throaty tonsillitis-ish snot plague. it couldn’t have come at a worse time, ross and i were just starting to get on top of the sleep thing, and now when bea sleeps, i’m awake with horrible fevers, and when bea’s awake we can’t really ignore her for long because she’s having trouble breathing. everything has been a tantrum today, we just ended an hour long crisis about the fact that she wanted to watch sesame street for the 500th time, and heaven forbid that mama should say “no” for once!

to lessen the blow of revolting slime, here’s some cuteness.

ross will be here again tomorrow, i’m expecting that will be another sleepless night — he should have caught the virus by then. oh joyous joy.