So today we made a little visit to Collingwood Children’s Farm, because hell, everyone likes barnyard fun, right? Here’s some happy snaps of the little hellraiser doin’ what she does best – loitering in a public place.

Not so sure straight away. It took her a while but she finally realised, yes, these are ducks/chickens/geese, and yes, they are the same ones I carry on about all the time.

Note, besides a overexcited Boxer dog on a chain and two fairly pathetic looking cows, these ducks and chickens were the only animals we could find. It’s amazing that a tiny farm in the middle of a major city could actually benefit from having a map. I’m sure there was mention of sheep, pigs, horses and the like, I just never saw them. Regardless, Beatrix had a ball chasing the ducks around the pen, sitting in mud and poo, climbing up and down dodgy looking rock walls, causing me to go “Careful!” and “Ahh!” every five minutes. I must admit as much as I try, I really am not the outdoorsy type. I’m endeavouring to change this for Bea’s sake, but I cannot tell you how glad I was when we gave up walking through miscellaneous animal shit and sat down at the Farm Café. Looks like someone else was kinda glad too….

Yeah for SUGAR!