the artist within

After about 500 trees wasted on multiple crayon doodlings by the little lady, I thought it was high time that we hit the canvas medium — because as we all know, if both your parents are artists, then you HAVE to be one too. Miss Bea took to this task with much enthusiasm, I’m bummed i didn’t capture it on film, but I was too busy trying to minimise the amount of paint she spread around the studio. She particularly liked dipping the brushes in the cans and then blobbing it all over the place, and as much as I tried to be prepared with a brush for each colour, I really should have realised that a toddler doesn’t give a shit if your pots of green and pink paints all become the same colour – which in this case was mud – as long as it FEELS good while you’re doin’ it. (I also didn’t particularly think about the fact that while using old sample pots of house paint for my own canvases is good, it wasn’t the greatest idea for crazed Picasso, Jr.) I would have let her go for a whole lot longer, but when her entire leg had gone a nice candy shade of Pop Pink, I decided it was time to throw in the towel and draw a bath.

This, however, is the result, and I happily realised that it perfectly matches several acid green pieces of Ikea furniture scattered around the house…

While I’m posting some photos, it was a particularly rare occasion today that Miss Bea was wearing a dress, and I wanted to capture this on film.

While you can’t actually tell it IS a dress, and she was far too preoccupied eating her apple to show Mama her face, she does look rather cute.