new shoes.

you know those foamy clog shoes everyone has now? crocs? shockers? there’s about ten different varities, but they’re all the same basic thing, every yuppie, soccer mom, and 9 year old is getting around the mall in them and it’s been irritating me that this is a fad that i am not part of. here, hold on, i’ll show you.

yeah, those. so back to my story — in an attempt to buy bea some cheap shoes (for the remainder of summer before she gets some new trendy Chucks) i walked into target and there i found the croc motherload. and right in the middle of the sea of pink, red and green, were these little puppies in a size 5.

oh yes. baby clogs. black ones. with skulls. jesus intended for me to buy these little foamy wonders for my little lady. and when we got them home, miss bea took one look at her new shoes and burst into tears. it’s a pity that mama is a total sucker loser and buys into consumer fads, because beatrix has made it very clear that she’s not interested. whenever i mention shoes, she runs and brings me her trusty black and white vans, and refuses to go anywhere near the clogs.
so, y’know, to any of my girlfriends who are planning to have kids one day, there’s some new shoes waiting for ya when you’re ready.