"Yes, I love technology – not as much as you, you see – but I still love technology, always and foreverrrr…"

So because I’m just totally in love with having access to a digital camera again, here’s me doing what I do best; plaguing Beatrix while she does a spot of reading.

Did I mention that it was SERIOUS reading? Apparently, judging from this face. It must be one hell of a good book to have drawn her away from the hilarity of IRON CHEF playing in the background. Who can resist dubbed Japanese cooking?

According to logic, the closer your face is, the better you can see.

And of course, when you’ve read it at least 19 times and had Mummy read it to you at least another dozen, there is always the added dimension of reading the book backward and upside down. Y’know, just for pizazz.

Before I scuttle off to watch Queer as Folk (oh, my secret 1 A.M shame!) a final note to all mamas, baby-daddies and mamas-to-be; unless your kid can open the flaps herself, don’t buy her one of these books. (That is, unless, of course, you enjoy the screams of frustration and the torn pieces of cardboard all over the carpet… No, seriously, this is what Bea did until we sat down and taught her…)