have I sold out?

They’re tennis-playing, Vuitton-toting, long-island-ice-tea-drinkin’ yuppie sneakers. For 2 year olds, no less. At AUD $79.95 a pop. Alls I can say in their defence is at least they give you two of the damn things in the same box.
I swear, I tried to find bargain shoes, but friends, there is a reason that nobody i actually *like* buys their kids’ shoes at Kmart/Target/Big W. The price is right, but besides multiple pairs of slip-on sandals, you either have the option of gaudy Wiggles sneakers for boys, or Winnie The Pooh for girls covered in glitter and butterflies. After today’s ordeal, I almost went back to buy the hideous Wiggles sneakers. I proceeded to DEFCON 1, the place of imminent attack, also known as Chadstone. The trusty outlet that sells little Vans and Kids Converse even let me down, they were all pre-walker shoes made for absolutely no sane purpose. I was just on the verge of leaving the centre when I desperately stumbled into Lacoste after seeing little shoes in the window, and there on the top shelf were normal HUMAN looking shoes. Trust me, Lacoste or not, 80 bucks or not, you woulda bought them too after the horrid shoes in my wake.

Miss Bea is quite taken with the crocodiles on the side of her new sneaks. Is it wrong a crocodile was the entire selling point behind hideously priced designer sneakers? Christ, all this shopping makes my feet hurt.
Peace, kids.

P.S. Amanda — Thanks to the greatness of Borders, I bought three Mo Willems books today based on yer recommendations — “The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog”, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus”, (and I finally found my long-awaited copy of “Knuffle Bunny”) and they’re fabulous. Beatrix is already telling the pigeon “NO!” Kudos, sista!