retail therapy.

So today was pay-day, and Mama hit the mall. And, as always, it was the little lady that got the goods. It’s funny that buying pint sized clothing for Miss Bea now holds more appeal for me than a spree in Louis Vuitton with $10,000. The clothes I currently get around in are horrible, stained t-shirts that cling at my former image of punk-rock-indie goddess, and I’m happy to continue this clothing-starvation as long as the world keeps making awesome kid gear for me to “squee!” about. Major props to those who have finally designed clothing for little tykes that doesn’t involve powder-blue, pastel-pinks, fairies and cars — because if someone hadn’t done it, you’d better believe I would have.
But for now, there’s no need to pull out my screen-printing gear because trendy and ludicrously expensive boutiques all over Melbourne are supplying me with my drug — and I may starve, I may not be able to pay bills; but god dammit, my kid will look COOL.

Sailor Jerry rip-offs? Hell yeah. Found at David Jones, of all places! The yuppies are getting trendy, who’d have thunk it. I managed to justify this purchase because it’s a very snug size 4 that I know she’ll fit for 2 more summers. Made by Fred Bare.

I know what you’re thinking, pirates are sooo passe. But these come in newborn sizes! COME ON! And even though the sizes only extended to 12-18 mths, at the store gritting my teeth, I managed to cram Bea’s foot into them with room to spare. They come in a range of poxy patterns and colours, but these won. I’ve decided they are going to become my baby-shower gift of choice – so mamas-to-be, look out. You’ve been targeted. More @ TippyToes.

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