photo dump; playground & backyard fun.

Ross and Beatrix, eatin’ grapes in the good old Aussie backyard. Thought it was about time I snapped the two of them together.

My dorks again. With matching ponytails!

Too cute. I just really, really liked this one. (Look at the weeds in my backyard, Jesus.)

Bea makes sure the gas tanks are all in order before hitting the playground.

Blurry, but I had to capture it; “DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!!”

I think Ross almost enjoyed the playground more than Beatrix.


These pipes made most awesome sounds when you hit them, I couldn’t get Ross away from them. He returned at least twice to play with them by himself, I really should take him to the playground more often.

I had a lot more but they were all terribly pixelated and blurry, much to my disgust at the camera. If these were the good ones, you can imagine how bad the others must have been. This is what I get for buying a cheap digi from Kmart!