birthday blues

In a little over two weeks, my spring chicken will celebrate another milestone in her little life; the second birthday. I can’t seem to get the peppy attitude going; this time last year I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I had bought all her presents and wrapped them, made the invites, bought the food and decorations and planned her outfit meticulously. This time around I’m sitting staring at the street directory uninspired, searching for a mediocre park to go to, the invites I made are terrible, a betrayal to my years of studying graphic design and I’m considering just emailing everyone the details, and I’m just generally whimsical about the whole thing. It’s finally hit me, that horrible pathetic stage of motherhood that I said I’d never be party to; the “my baby’s gone” syndrome. And it finally hit me today as my little bundle of joy walked through the door, dressed in black, with pigtails no less, and asked to listen to Daft Punk and watch the Teletubbies at the same time.

Look at her! Pigtails! I think I clutched at my heart a little. I wouldn’t even have begun to fathom that situation last year.

The other problem that puts the dampener on the party is this; the curse of the Melbourne winter. May birthdays are impossible for kids here; it’s horribly overcast, cold and threatens to rain any moment. This is all the time. I could plan something indoors and then have it be a fantastic day outside. I plan something outside, and i just know it’s going to rain all over my picnic rug. Yes, meet Nikki, the eternal pessimist and perfectionist. The perfect solution would be to find somewhere that has an outdoor and indoor area, both of which are equally awesome. The realistic solution that i’m willing to settle for is anywhere that at least has a gazebo where everyone can run for cover. I was thinking of somewhere that would be unique but really, anywhere cool that Beatrix enjoys is just not suited to this kind of shindig. I doubt the National Gallery would let me have a picnic in their hallway.

Anyone who thinks of the perfect party place in my fair city gets some cookies and a free invite.