it amazes me how much bea is changing on a day-to-day basis now. i mean yeah, babies change all the time, but lately, everyday i discover something new, different, something that enthrals me completely and makes me watch her for hours unending. she’s taken to conducting her own series of experiments with everything, at least that’s how i choose to see it so i don’t go completely mad from repetition. the ball goes through the pipe not once, but 500 times. and each time we clap our hands and carry on with a chorus of “BALL! BALL! HOORAY!” and while this doesn’t make it possible for mama to have her own time, it’s teaching bea about variables and how things work; will the ball always come through the same pipe or will it come out a different one? and slowly but surely, through these mind numbing exercises, she is understanding how the world works and forming her own sense of logic. she’s become a complete whizkid at wooden puzzles, even ones with varying multiple layers and shapes that require turning and swapping, some that are aimed at 4 year olds — and she’s never stuck for long. my approach used to be to instantly say “that one doesn’t go there,” and try help her, but in watching her little rituals i’ve noticed that if she say, puts the rectangle where the square goes and then can’t fit the remaining square anywhere else, it’s instantaneous that she realises her flaw and corrects herself, swapping the pieces over. she also has an amazing sense of imagination, one that in my naïveté, i thought came a lot later. she tucks her toys into bed, feeds them, puts them on the potty, kisses them and cradles them as if they were alive. she has a huge amount of affection for our lounge-room coffee table, she lies on it and strokes it and says “cuddle table” and giggles, knowing that its funny. and her sense of humour is through the roof. yesterday she actually rolled her eyes at my mum and then giggled and said “haha, funny.” i think we can blame the countless episodes of neurotic jewish comedies for that little number.