2 More Years.

Saturday was the big day that I’ve been dreading for weeks; the second birthday. And despite all my stressing and fretting, I’m surprised and pleased to say that the entire thing went off without a hitch, there were no major crises and I got through the day feeling quite self-satisfied that I had pulled off the most Beatrixian and punk-ass birthday I could have.
Rosco camped out the night before and help me shop for the final food supplies, we managed to get through 24 hours together without a screaming match. Even a trip to Big W in a panic, searching for a Stanley knife to sculpt the cake with didn’t reduce me to a wobbling heap. I think I held it together pretty well. We set up the presents; both of which required adult assembly, because I didn’t want to start the day with Beatrix screaming while Ross and my dad swore and fumbled with setting up two major pieces of plastic that now clutter my lounge room. Observe photos;

The “some assembly required”. This was the last Sesame Street kitchen that Target had in stock, which was from 1999 and was out of production. I went to three other outlets to get it, was looked at like a crazy woman, and told that if I had indeed seen it somewhere, I should snatch it up quick. Since receiving this present, Miss Bea has cooked three knives, a puppy and some pirate gold. You can imagine I really look forward to eating her casseroles.

You know you’re punk-rock when your kid has a drum-kit before the age of 5. (I am now doing various hand signs and guffawing loudly.) The assembly of this was fairly easy and joyous until we realised that the stool included had a leg that was somehow NOT included, and this sent me ape-shit. Thankfully this was the only problem we had for the next 24 hours and for that I am grateful. We replaced the stool with the footstool for the bathroom and I plan to rip into the kid from Toys R Us at a later date. I was a little worried whether or not Bea would enjoy this present, but it has by far been the most successful thing Ross and I have ever bought her. She recognised it instantly, screamed “drum!” and bashed the hell out of it. And after only being taught once how to use the floor-tom, she has been kicking and drumming and crashing the cymbal, and just having a jolly old time with the entire deal. I think she enjoyed copying Daddy, mostly. Please excuse the mass of fairly similar photos, but I just thought it was the cutest thing EVER. Please also note the very drummer-esque outfit that accompanied, isn’t she to die for?

After struggling with the idea of making a teletubbies cake and wondering how we were going to execute this idea successfully, I threw in the towel and decided to go hardcore. I had, after all, given the entire party a pirate/skull theme, (jolly roger napkins, skull balloons, cellophane skulls on sticks, pirate loot bags complete with tattoo transfers) and we were going to have a cutesy wootsy tubby cake? Naw. Not our style. So after planning a skull-and-crossbones idea in my head and deciding it wasn’t nearly festive enough, I decided on making this little doozy right here, with my dad’s help;

Dia de Los Muertos, baby, it’s a calavera cake! I did the eyes and the base icing, which somehow was the hardest part, fucking crumbs kept sticking to it! Never again. I can say that I am ridiculously proud and glad we made it though.

The party itself went really well, we drove down to the Melbourne Museum and everybody came, another thing I had stressed about; nobody showing up. All the bubbas played really well, and Beatrix had a ball. Unfortunately, Mama overstacked the pram and my bag went flying, giving my digital camera a severe knocking and causing it to lapse into a 24 hour coma — after the party, the bastard decided it would wake up (and thankfully, still had all the previous photos stored). I didn’t get any photos of the day other than one of Ross and Bea having a cuddle;

And this one from my friend Moth;

I got some killer video footage that I can probably convert to jpgs from screenshots though, and I’m thankful that the camera decided to spare me a break and keep everything I had taken that morning. All in all, the day was a success, and it made it so much easier to go out for after-party drinks that night with my mates.
So here’s to Beatrix Honey; the big zero-two. Cheers!