"Girl, I KNOW you didn’t.."

Yeah, I did. After the tedious hours and countless dollars spent on making Beatrix the most cutting edge kid to ever hit these shores, I took my daughter to a Wiggles concert and officially sold my soul to the devil (or in this case, Captain Feathersword.) And I’m glad that I had enough sense to get off my high-horse and experience such an event, because lemme tell ya kids, I actually had fun. I’ve realised that certain childhood crazes that I was so quick to dismiss and say “my kid will never like THAT” about are actually discovered in a whole new light once I see the joy that comes across Bea’s face. My first thought was to puke every time Elmo comes on ABC Kids, but I find myself getting excited for her, because let’s face it, sitting in the corner scowling like Larry David isn’t helping her have a good time, and I don’t wanna go down in history as the mean mummy who won’t let her daughter go with her friends to see the damn Wiggles purely because I’d prefer her to be moshing to the Ramones. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; I play the Wiggles CD in the car on the way to my brother’s house and I’M OKAY WITH THAT.
Cults aside, Mother’s Day came and went and, well.. went. There were plans (and I’ll admit they were vague plans) to get matching tattoos, but they went down the drain because one can never rely on the brain of a man to remember sentimental occasions; please refer to the Rockstar Mommy post on Mother’s Day for further evidence of this.
So in anticipation of this, I had decided to get Beatrix better acquainted with the world of flesh inks by busting open the packages of temporary tattoos we got for her birthday loot bags. Her arms now proudly adorn a fairly hideous startled black cat, a tribal flower armband, a spider in a web and a leopard with bloodied fangs. These are all really revolting designs but unfortunately in a moment of MySpace photo narcissism, I used up the cool ones (cobras, anchors, mermaids) on my feet. Nevertheless, Beatrix is hugely proud of her tattoos to the point of showing them to random people and grinning madly. She has vaguely gestured to Ross’ tattoos before (one of them being a “B” near his heart) and we haven’t got much out of her other than a “B!” followed by some ramblings of pieces of the alphabet and total loss of interest at any further tattoos. However, the temporary tattoos have sparked an interest in my little rocker, she now proudly declares “Tattoo! Meow cat! Spider!” and I even caught her checking some kid’s arm at the Wiggles gig.

There’s hope for the old girl yet!