Driving Miss Honey

While things have been fairly slow down here in Australia’s version of England, Beatrix is not one to let us get bored. Today’s little doozy was a bang to the head mid-tantrum, courtesy of the hallway wall, which caused complete lack of consciousness for 15 seconds. This doesn’t sound like long, but when you’re shaking a child and screaming for her to wake up, it feels like forever. I rang Nurse-On-Call and they assessed her over the phone, and after a quick trip to our local GP, all was proclaimed fine as long as we kept a watchful eye over her.
To add to the list of growing medical dramas is now the suspected fear that Bea suffers from autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or, more likely, ADHD. After multiple family members and friends telling me that “something isn’t right” with Beatrix, I decided to finally get her routine developmental check at the local Maternal & Child Health Centre. After observing her read, play and her general behaviour, the nurse ran a checklist and came up with two sort of iffy answers regarding her attention span and lack of focus that she thought might require a trip to a behavioral doctor who deals with autistic children exclusively. We’re going to book an appointment, just for peace of mind, but the nurse was hugely doubtful that anything was/is wrong with Bea, considering her fantastic counting/alphabet skills, her creative, imaginative playing
techniques and the way she expresses affection.

Apologies, but I must also use this opportunity to vent directly about those people telling me and my mother that Beatrix “isn’t normal”; What IS normal anyway? (FYI, who says something like that to someone’s face about their child?) My kid is bright, loving and funny, and almost everyone I’ve met adores her. If she had autism AND Asperger’s AND ADHD, I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. No two children are alike and thusly they cannot be compared. Children with mental illnesses or disorders are still just that; children. They’re no less marvellous or precious than any other. So get some perspective (are you a doctor?) and some fucking tact. You all know who you are.