neglect, relationships and Chris Garver.

So I haven’t been up in the blogging sphere lately for about a million boring reasons, mostly the fact that whenever I use Firefox as an internet browser, my keyboard lags terribly and I hate waiting for two paragraphs of text to catch up with me. So while I embrace the old school shiteness of Safari, here are a few things that have been happening at Casa Del Punk as of late.
First and foremost, the aforementioned trip to the behavioural doctor was a complete relief – Bea is a normal, happy little girl with nothing but a severe case of the Princess syndrome; she wants what she wants when she wants it, and anyone not willing to deliver will feel her horrible wrath in more ways than one. The doctor seemed incredulous as to why we were even there, and when I explained that I was there as a product of a lot of people telling me how Beatrix was a kid with a few screws loose, she simply said that all kids have their quirks, and that while she wouldn’t be surprised if Bea and I tried to kill each other when she’s 14 and hormonal, generally she saw a very bright, switched on, creative and affectionate little girl.
Also in the works for the past two weeks is a little experiment I like to call ‘the nagging girlfriend ultimatum’. After almost two years of very blurred lines in our relationship, it finally came to the crunch; I told the baby-daddy that things were going either one way or the other, and he needed to be very final and definite about what he wanted. Scenario A; we do things together as a family, we get 50-50 input how how Beatrix is raised, we become a real “couple” with responsibilities and get a little more serious about the fact that this is going somewhere. Scenario B; we get some information about our legal rights, I take primary custody of Beatrix, and he sees her once a week for visitation and has her living with him every second weekend. I feel that while these are probably horribly drastic options and slightly unfair, Ross needs to be shaken to the point of living in the real world – estranged couples don’t have family picnics and sleep-overs. They don’t cling to their old relationship if it’s not on the road to somewhere better. In all honesty, I’m not sure which option (A or B) suits me better, (maybe because I’m trying not to put my eggs all in one basket) but I think at the end of our trial period of enacting both scenarios for two weeks, we’ll both feel stronger for knowing what we feel is the final decision, and we can both move on with our paused lives, whichever way they may go.
And finally, my tattooing has moved up to a steady addiction, which has not been helped by watching copious episodes of Miami Ink on DVD and fantasising about marrying Chris Garver to get free tattoos. I’ve also been trolling the Miami Ink website, filling in the application form to get tattooed live by the crew on the show and then realising in a fit of despair that I have no viable way of getting to Florida. (Seriously, I’ve done it twice now.) While daydreaming of future great ink to come, I am now in the process of waiting for tattoo number 5 to heal so I can get it coloured; she’s my favourite yet, a Miss Van pin-up girl with bunny ears, and a scroll below that I added to the mix reading “Art is Life”. The scroll needs to be coloured and shaded, and beams of pink light (very Virgin Mary-esque) need to surround her outline, and then she’s done. Visit my Flickr album to see multiple shots of it in progress.
That’s it from the House of Snot this week. I’ll endeavour to make another trip to my keyboard soon.