I must say I can’t hugely remember the reaction to last night’s vegan cup-taculars because I got pretty fucking trashed.
I do, however, remember going to see Rick’s DJ set at some point in Fitzroy, and a fairly horrible house party that involved about 800 too many scene kids dancing to “Bootylicious” all packed into one terrace house off of Alexandra Parade at which I remember showing my tattoos to some random stranger and getting a funny sort of reaction, and finally stumbling home at an obnoxious hour to Tammy and Skai’s house to watch yet another Japanese rendition of Godzilla. I think I caved at around daybreak and went to curl up in T-Cup’s bed, only to wake up 3 hours later to a phone call from my mama saying to come home because she couldn’t find Bea’s favourite DVD. I’m fairly sure I had a good time though, although I have two bruises that I’m unsure about and a stamp reading “The Dead Collectors” on my chest. (Oh, and I’m sure the cupcakes can’t have been too bad considering the fact that my Tupperware is now empty… (note to housewives, bakery treats always go down well when there’s drugs afoot.)
Vegan Tits n' Beer Cupcakes.
le cupcakes.

branded by the man.