my love.

Flashback; love.

This, pictured here, is my heart. I wanted to put it out there because I could not be prouder to have these two amazing, beautiful people in my life. It seems not so long ago that I first held little Beatrix in my arms and this photo was taken, yet when I look at her (and her Daddy, for that matter) they look so different to me now. I’m not sure if its a new found and developed sense of overwhelming love for the both of them, or their physical differences from then ’til now, but when I look at this photo here and then look at the man sleeping next to me and the budding little lady in her cot, they don’t seem like the same people at all. Bea says her full, entire name now, but is going through a short (hopefully) stage of calling herself “Baby”. She demands pigtails before she leaves the house. She sings all the words to the Wiggles songs in the car. She insists her Daddy gets her dressed in the morning because I don’t do the tickle game properly and she gets most angered if he’s not around to do it. She calls lemonade “prickle” and has a tummy with a most specific liking to pizza, apples and cookies. And she is such a little… person that sometimes I can hardly believe we created her. So hats off to you, my little family. I love you more than chocolate itself.