goodnight, sweetheart.

Tonight is my last night with my dearest, the beloved G4 PowerMac whom I have fondly named Clarice. Tomorrow, she will be dissected and stuck in various parts of my mama’s little black Corolla and sent on her merry way back to my Dad who is missing her terribly. I have also dissected her twin, my crappy old way-too-tiny-to-operate G4, in order to give working parts to Clarice, who today suffered a terrible water incident (note; Ross’ glass of water went flying) and horribly damaged her keyboard in the process, which now inserts CAPS and ””” where I do not at all want them.
So this is me saying “sayonara” as Mum, Beatrix and I endeavour for a 9 hour drive up to New South Wales for my Dad’s 70th (and of course, to return the vital hardware…) and an additional “God knows when I’ll update this again”, because without my keyboard and my mouse (which I’m also donating to Dad since his died) I’m pretty much dead to the online world. Oh, how I shall miss Flickr!! But nevermind. In the New Year, after I move out and get a job and do a bunch of important life crap, I’ll buy a nice flashy computer and get back owwwn wit’ it.
Cheers, queers.