In case I haven’t already mentioned it 500 times before, in December, my lovely lady Sarah and I will be attending the Australian leg of Daft Punk’s Alive anniversary tour, aptly named “Nevereverland” (they’ve never been here) and I’m just about wetting my pants. I’ve hit my iPod hard in the last week whilst walking Bea to the playground, and I’ve been spinning their first two albums on continuous repeat and giggling to myself maniacally. I’ve been waiting to see DP since I was 12, and they’re FINALLY FUCKING COMING! I keep telling everyone that they’ll find me dead in the crowd from a stroke of happiness and overexcitement. Robots! Lasers! House music! It’s all too much.
In a seemingly parallel story (don’t worry, I do have a point with this) I went to my local tattooist a week ago to make an appointment to get two new pieces, a rose with “Mama” written underneath it and a diamond with “Daddy”. After a few conversations of disgust, I decided that this would probably not be the best of ideas, I mean what the hell is the point of getting something that’s intended to show love if its just going to offend the concerned parties? When I mentioned I was going to get Dad’s name tattooed on me, my mother said, “I’ll slap you if you ever get my name tattooed on you.” Thusly, to avoid at least 15 fights, a slap in the face and a week of being ignored, I’ve decided to shelf that idea until the folks are six-feet-under, and instead I’m going with this nice little piece of nostalgia;

Yeah, you probably all think I’m a stupid arsehole, and I’ll be the first to admit I said I’d never get either my partner’s name or a band tattoo. But fuck, it’s DAFT FUCKING PUNK! Getting the band name would be tacky, I agree, I’d never do that. But even if I somehow hate their music in 10 year’s time, it’ll be a nice little piece of robot nostalgia tucked up on my bicep with the rest of them. Hell, I’ve been representin’ for 10 years, I think that’s long enough to determine that this isn’t just a new fad! [/end wigga talk]

“music’s got me feelin’ so free.”