A response to desire

I have not drawn for so long that it was almost a complete given that I show even the slightest doodle here. This of course isn’t the full-sized version, but you get the drift from it. This picture has been rolling around in my dreams for the past few nights, and usually when I get the compulsion to draw in my sleep, my dream sort of lets me plan it, like a virtual sketch inside my brain to iron out the kinks before I start drawing on my Mac. Not so this time. This drawing has been appearing on the walls of my regular dreams as a huge canvas adorning the bedroom wall, but always blurry and muffled and somewhat far away. This is the best I could draw from my recollection, because, really, I was too busy staring at all the cool stuff in my, Ross and Bea’s new awesome IKEA-clad dream house. (We had a Kubrick collection. Nerds.)
As it makes sense to me, it’s most likely a response to Ross wanting to play my Nintendo Wii when Beatrix goes to bed. Obviously, when a toddler goes down for the night, there’s better things to play than Wii, in my opinion. Am I wrong, kids?