lightning and fifty.

I’m feeling really fucking good lately, and I’m not sure if it’s down to the fact that I’m just having one of my up-patches or that my Epilim is finally kicking in, but its so fantastic to actually have a good buzz in my stomach for once. I’ve been getting my art on (refer to previous post for images) and it feels really good to be creating something that reaches my impossible standards, which I can only put down to having a generally positive attitude – when I feel better, it’s reflected in my drawing. And stopping to appreciate the good things? So, so, so good. Some of this feeling may come from seeing a psychologist and getting some things off my chest that I’ve never really told anybody, and finding out more about my disorder which helps normalize most of the insane feelings I have that makes me feel like the biggest freak on the planet. I’m not alone! It’s ridiculous how much it helps to know that there are wires just not linked right in my head and its why I function the way I do. It’s not an excuse, but it helps me rationalize my behaviour a little and take enough of a step back to gain some perspective when I’m in full-blown craziness mode, screaming down the phone at my boyfriend. And things on the boyfriend front are so good. So, so, so good. While talking to my psych, I’ve realised how supportive, amazing and tolerant he really is, and how lucky I am to have someone there who loves me enough to put up with my shit!

In other news; to celebrate almost reaching my milestone of 50 posts of random, utter useless bullshit that has let you all into the world of punk-rock motherhood and my inner neuroses, here’s some happy snaps of what I got done today;

Viva el relámpago!