Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and being a family of American heritage (on my mother’s side) we are implementing the said holiday for the first time ever. While today is the official date for the US, we kind of decided that a Thursday wasn’t hugely convenient for those of a working nature in the family, so we moved the date to Saturday. This has been met with little or no interest from the majority of those invited for the feast, so my poor Ma has sort of let the whole idea go. She sent me a text message earlier reading “Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you!”
So do you kiddies think I’m going to let this one go? Ho, ho, not so! I’m going to diligently prepare Thanksgiving dinner all by myself, and when she gets home, I shall have a nice plump turkey awaiting her. Hell damn, I’m even gonna do garlic potatoes and cranberry sauce! I was also going to top this off with Thanksgiving cupcakes, but I made some (note; failed some) chocolate ganache ones last night that are still in my fridge, and they’ll have to do.

Speaking of cupcakes;

my little cupcake.

It’s hard to see because I had to scale it to fit the blog. You can click the photo for a closer squiz. It’s Tattoo No. 8! By the time my brother-from-another-mother gets here, I should be looking at my sweet 10th anniversary!