Happy Election!

I had decided that I was going to feel hideously guilty if the Liberal party won the federal election this year, purely because on a last minute whim, I decided to vote for the Greens. No need! The left-wing is victorious, and I cannot say how chuffed I am that we don’t need to endure another term of John Howard’s fascist junta.

On a less political note, I am sending my baby away to day-care for the first time ever this week and expect to be met with tantrums galore while she settles with it. I’ve filled out all the papers, given them her anaphylaxis action plan and shot and am just really hoping for the best. The girls at ABC are very nice and friendly and seem to genuinely like Beatrix and vice-versa, which is a load off. They give them breakfast (served until 8am) and a hot lunch, followed by a very Kindergarten Cop-esque nap time on the floor before more playing, story-time, dancing and general fun. I’m sure she’ll love it.
This, however, leaves me open to get a job! It’s scaring the knickers off me, to be honest. I have an appointment with a woman from BIBA Academy of Hairdressing on Wednesday. This woman works as a middle man doing all the leg-work; she interviews me, and finds out through her contacts who is looking for a 1st year apprentice and where I would best fit in. I told her over the phone that I was quite “alternative” as to not give her a mild coronary when I rocked up, and she assures me that she will find me the perfect like-minded salon. I’m almost wondering what’s in it for this woman and if I’m going to be charged a butt-load of fees or pressured into joining a salon college costing me upwards of 20 grand. So, uh.. we’ll see. Wish me luck!