hair, babies, concerts, boys.

So there’s stuff I haven’t bothered updating on because I was waiting until I had complete stories or even paragraphs in which to share these details, so instead I shall brief you about the latest in point form;
• Ross went for surgery on his tonsils today and had ’em fished out due to 2 years of horrible infections and hospitalizations. As far as I’ve heard from his mum, besides the seering pain, he’s doing fine and is pumped full of happy pethidine.
• My hairdressing interview with Mirella from BIBA Academy went well, although I’m fairly sure some wires were crossed or there was confusion, because after a very excited first interview telling me that she was certain she had the “perfect” place for me, I rocked up at a near replica to Versace mansion on Chapel Street, Windsor and was just completely confused as to why I would have been sent there. I am yet to go back to see her again for a second placement due to gross phlegm and the joyous bugs that come with sending your kid to a centre full of snotty tykes.
• The daddy-bear and I are going to see a relationship counselor in the next week to sort out our shit, because the only thing we can agree on at the moment is that we want to be with each other (which ain’t all bad…)
• Miss Bea is completely in love with childcare, as I suspected she would be. Her speech has improved dramatically from being around kids all day, and she comes home happy to see her toys, her mama and just seems genuinely contented. Everybody wins!
(Except poor Daddy, who has a sore throat…)
• And finally, in 8 days its finally here; Daft Punk @ Nevereverland! Expect copious amounts of capital letters, most likely an arseload of blurry photos and general babbling this time next week.