begin again.

So it’s the start of another year, and the first anniversary of this wee blog. I think it is the first time I’ve kept the one blog for so long, I usually get fickle, decide it needs a revamp and a new URL and completely abandon it three weeks after signing up. Not so this time! I’m glad I can look through my posts and see how my year went. It was, despite its ups and downs, a pretty good one.

New Year’s Eve was interesting; I went out with my dear friends Tammy and Skaidris, and was joined by Adam, Rick, and John, and later, Christian and Ross. We started off at Fitzroy Gardens, and sat on the lawn listening to some house party pump Justice and Wolfmother remixes really loudly while drinking vodka out of plastic cups. Classy. Needless to say, I did not get drunk again after my pre-Christmas vomit fest – I took one sip of a beer and had to pass it back to Tammy instantly, and I limited my cups of lemonade and vodka to 2 over the entire night. I’m fairly sure Ross was tanked because he was being very nice to me, except after he decided to accuse me of infidelity (I think he was bothered that I kissed Adam after the countdown?) then things went fairly sour. After Skaidris injured his ankle play-fighting with Tammy and limped home with John, Rick, Adam and Tammy went AWOL and left Ross, Christian and I to our own devices. We went to a party over the road that nobody knew who owned but all seemed to be invited anyway, and we sat on the side of Alexandra Parade for a long time on really hot tarmac while most of Ross’ friends proceeded to buzz around on acid. At this point I had decided that I was not 15 anymore and was fairly over being around people who wanted to live their lives this way, and decided to go back to the park to find Tammy. I got a call from Skaidris around this time that Tammy was missing, and I proceeded to run around Fitzroy Gardens for 15 minutes looking for Tammy in a sea of a thousand people. I gave up shortly afterwards and decided after a small fight with Ross about how I was being “anti-social” to go home in a taxi. I’m pretty sure he stayed out all night walking around with acid-trippers and having a generally amusing time. I must be getting old or boring or something, because after midnight I was just so past it and so irritated with everyone’s trashed behaviour that I just wanted to go home. Sigh.

On a better note, I did finally get my Christmas present from Ross, and it is a most beauteous thing;

Nintendo Entertainment System = God.

It’s based on a piece by Yosuke Ueno, and its obviously a Nintendo send-up. I love it so dearly, I cannot begin to express. I changed the design from the original painting a little, it had a slightly different controller (perhaps the Japanese NES controller?) so I changed it to more closely resemble the NES we had as kids. Oh, I love it! Okay, I’ll stop getting excited now.

Also this year, (hah, I love saying that like its epic, its only been 6 days) Ross and I are finally moving out together. After Ross had a pretty nasty fight with my mum that ended up involving me too, I stormed out for three days and stayed at his house, where we decided that I could no longer live there and I wanted to move out. Mum also rang me and told me she was moving out, and I can’t afford our house rent alone, so it only seemed logical. We’re looking and applying for places as we speak! I’m so excited that I finally get to live with my boo. I just hope it all works out financially and emotionally, for everyone involved.