cupcake expedition.

So I’ve been looking for somewhere rad that has cupcakes in Melbourne for a while now, and sadly I’ve kind of been settling for my local McCafe because they make cupcakes that aren’t stale and retain their nice gooey moisture and don’t create a lump in your throat. I’ve heard that the Crabapple Bakery on Chapel Street isn’t too bad, but it’s not particularly in my ‘hood, and the website looked like somewhere that you’d take your granny to lunch. So I was most amazed and excited when the girl from Route 66 told me that there was a cupcake bakery on Degraves Street in Melbourne that did nothing but make milkshakes, coffees and cuppies. (She was also ridiculously excited by my Bake or Die! tattoo and this obviously opened some sort of baking nerd vein for her because she told me where an awesome icing store was and how some guy nearly didn’t let her into the Corner Hotel with a whole platter of cupcakes, how rude!) So I made my way down there, and was somewhat bummed that the sign was crappily painted on the window, and that roadworks were making my entry difficult. The bakery itself was quite snug, but that’s okay because everything on Degraves is snug, it’s pretty much an alley way. The girls weren’t hugely friendly, the cupcake case was nearly empty, and the selection wasn’t greatly tempting, neither the decorations. The only things that caught my eye were the flourless chocolate cuppies and the red velvets (that were decorated fairly appaulingly) so I got a red velvet for $3.90 (yes, it’s ludicrous pricing too, kids) and they put it in a little box and I took it home on the train. When I got home and got ready to sample my delectable treat, I found it upside down and smooshed against the side of the box! All the icing had come off and smeared over the entire box, leaving a little marzipan star under its slime pile. All that was left was a little red stump that I dipped in the vanilla icing, and I have to say, it wasn’t half bad. I’m going to go back and hope that I just caught them on a day when everything was sold out, because I really need an awesome cupcake bakery in my life.

Little Cupcakes
Shop 7, Degraves St, Melbourne