So I’ve cancelled my plans tonight with my lovely darling friend Tammy because I spent the entire day in the Emergency Department yesterday and I’m only just recovering now from it. I went in for an ultrasound that was required after a lot of pain, purging and unexplained pelvic bleeding (their PC term for it, not mine) at 9am and didn’t get home until 6pm because they wanted to stuff me full of fluids through an IV drip again. I’ve been in so many times for an IV in the past 10 days that my left arm now can’t even be tapped into for veins anymore, they told me I have too much scar tissue and they’re inaccessible! The ultrasound it turns out, is all fine, and my darling second child is just choosing to make life hard for me by gluing me to the floor of the bathroom every hour or less so I can wrench up my guts. I’m usually one for complaining anyway, so people may not be taking me so seriously when I say this now; but it is literally the most vile painful and horrid thing I have ever had to endure, including my drug-free child birth. That was a walk in the park compared to vomiting 54 times in a day, in fact, bring it on right now! If the baby were big enough to sustain living on his or her own at this stage, I’d be begging the doctors to induce me. I miss food. My throat is on fire and feels like a brick is wedged in it, and my stomach muscles are shot to shit. It feels awful and I’m absolutely drained because of it and as a result, miss a lot of precious time that I wanted to spend with Bea before Number Two arrives. But enough winging. It’s almost the end of the year, and Beatrix and I are getting very excited about the prospect of Santa, a visit from Opa at Christmas/New Year’s, and finally a visit from my best friend Grant in about two weeks time. They share a love of My Little Ponies and are quite cute to watch together, despite Grant’s claims that he hates children and is horrible with them. We have new tattoos planned, but I have to get the all-clear and find out if tattooing during pregnancy is safe and if there are any side effects (like the ink not taking as well) before we truck on over for our pieces. Unfortunately the only thing saving my sanity right now is nightly TV marathons and Nintendo battles with my awesome mum. Besides our vice of playing Mario Kart Wii for 4 hours at a time (nerds), I figured out how to hook up the old Nintendo 64 to our weird TV (it took 15 minutes of swearing and using stray cables and rerouting through the VCR, but I did it!) and we’ve been having battles of “San Francisco Rush” (a really terrible pixelated driving game that makes no sense to us so we crash and burn every five minutes) and “Pokémon Snap”, in which you’re a photographer and have to collect photos of Pokémon along your way, which is HILARIOUS and intended for 8 year olds, but I don’t care because we end up laughing our heads off because my Mum panics and screams every time she sees a Pokémon and ends up taking a photo of the grass or an ear in her hysterical panic. If you have a 64 and you can source it, its really good quality fun. I have a cool Mum. I’d probably be slightly more insane without her company to make me laugh. We also have a grand tradition of watching shit medical shows about freaks and that Playboy bunny shit about Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. God, my current life revolves around TV, its so bad. I hate that I don’t have enough energy but its not worth exhausting myself and getting sick again, and I want to make sure I’m in good shape by the time I have my Christmas guests here.

I’m gonna go feed my muffin some dinner and watch The Simpsons.