It’s a girl!

So I had my 18-20 week ultrasound on Friday, and my dad is now the proud grandfather of 10 granddaughters and 1 future one. Oh, and no grandsons. I think he couldn’t help but be a little disappointed at this little nugget — the sonographer seemed to find it amusing and so did I. The male gene in my family is hideously pathetic, and as much as it would have been nice to have one of each, I’m stoked at being the mother of two beautiful girls. Hell, I *am* a girl. At least I know what I’m sposed to do with them. Any son of mine living in a house with all these women was either going to be a psychopath killer of women, or a total emasculated doormat anyways. So it’s all good! I’m stocking up on little pink outfits, not so much because I like pink but because I now have the freedom to do so, and am allowed to choose girly cupcake prints (the best part) and dresses n’ stuff now. It was getting a little tedious just buying gender-neutral black before.

The ultrasound took a little longer than usual, because as the above photo shows, my daughter is not a fan of the spotlight (a relief this will be after Bea the exhibitionist) and was hiding from the sonogram for the entire appointment, despite much painful prodding from the sonographer, so I was ordered to walk around for 20 minutes while she woke up and realigned herself, – which after an ice-cold drink from Mama rather cruelly, she did. And as far as the report goes? She’s completely on schedule with her growth and she’s happy and healthy, all good news. I think I already have her name decided, but it will be a surprise for her birth, because hell, there needs to be SOME surprises or everyone will be bored when I announce her!

As a small tribute to my newfound excitement, I thought I’d go through a wee quiz of my pregnancies and see how I’m shaping up so far.

Five Little Questions About Your Bump

1. How soon did you know you were pregnant, if you knew at all? And how do your previous pregnancies compare?

With Bea, I knew on the day that my period didn’t arrive that I was pregnant, and requested another test for the week after with my GP after he told me that I wasn’t. I was stubborn both times, and proved right! I know better than some quack! With this one I knew a few days after I conceived, because I had an implant in my arm to stop me falling pregnant, and I just had a sudden feeling that I was pregnant — no symptoms, just a hunch. So I got it removed, had a negative blood test result, waited a week and tested my urine every few days and got negative results, getting very angry because science was lying to me, until I finally got a very low positive reading at 4 weeks after conception. My doctor nearly fell off his chair, he had thought I was completely insane and wasting his time!

2. When did your first child first start to kick and how does this pregnancy compare?

I think Bea started kicking at around 18 weeks, and this baby has been moving around since around the same time. I might have noticed some fluttering feeling a little earlier than last time, but I think that’s just down to knowing the sensation from the previous time.

3. Have you had morning sickness at all, and how do both your pregnancies compare?

With Bea, I felt sick everytime I smelled food in the kitchen, but only threw up from eating too many Doritos one time, and another because I was on a plane. This pregnancy, I’ve been hospitalized about 8 times and needed multiple IVs to rehydrate me because I can throw up up to 50 times a day. It’s passed now, thank God. The 150-dollar-a-pop pills helped a lot. Probably because they’re made for cancer patients. Yowch

4. Are you aware of your baby’s sleep/wake pattern yet, and how does that compare?

This baby likes to wake up around 11pm to 1am, although she’s not big enough to be annoying to my sleep cycle yet. Bea was similar, except she would go nuts kicking every time I’d lie down.

5. Any cravings? Are they the same as your previous pregnancy?

The dairy craving is the same as last time, and I’m constantly toting around a bottle of Powerade, but that’s mostly because I have low blood pressure and need to be careful that I don’t collapse. I was on a milkshake bender for a while but that’s kinda died, and I’m starting to get hooked on those Boost chocolate bars like I did when I was pregnant with Bea. Yogos are also a gift from God.