I’m sitting here looking at a bright red burning moon and its haunting. The bushfire smoke is still with us here in Melbourne and for me, its been a week of mixed emotions; from sorrow for those who were killed, empathy for those who lost their homes, and fear for my own family — all in between more hospital visits. It’s not just the outer reaches of Victoria that have been touched by this; there are even fires in the suburbs and I’m on constant watch for information in case I need to grab my girls and leave. I also have the worry of my dad and my extended family, who in southern New South Wales are battling their own fires, and as much as he isn’t my problem anymore, Ross has gotten it into his head to spend the weekend in the forest at a concert, which despite the reassurance of radios and fire plans doesn’t ease my worries at all. My thoughts and condolences go out to everyone who lost something or someone dear to them in this past week.