After a very public collapse this week that started off with me walking through Box Hill Central and ended with me waking up on a stretcher in the Emergency Department, (I still don’t know how I got there) I am now under severe lock and key, and not allowed to leave my house without a “minder”. Bea has two extra days of childcare because I’m not safe to watch her by myself, in case I fall and hit my head or just scare her by losing consciousness, and I’m stuck in the isolation of my ugly 1970’s rental all by myself. It’s not all bad — my Dad arrives at the end of April for my brother’s birthday, Bea’s birthday and to be my birth partner, and by then I can get Bea back out of childcare because I’ll have someone else present, and really, the weeks after that are going to be insane with party planning, last minute baby stuff and then the actual birth itself. So these are actually the last 4 weeks of alone time that I’ll get for oh, say, the next 12 months, so I am kind of enjoying the fact that I can sleep til 2pm and nobody is here to yell at me for it. And right now, boy do I need it. This pregnancy is exhausting the physical and mental crap out of me, and while it’s nice to have my little bubba with me all the time and feel the little kicks and nice things of pregnancy, I’d just rather have her out as soon as is safely possible.

So I may be blogging more often, since the computer is my only outside contact now. Don’t expect it to be interesting, I’m a hermit after all.