Indiana is here, and she’s beautiful and perfect… and being a mum of two is a lot trickier than I first expected. It’ll take a while of juggling to get my shit together, so let me just say quickly that my supposed “great” labour of 2 hours that everyone keeps commenting on was actually a nightmare pit of hell that I wouldn’t have survived without Ross’ great support (yes, he pulled through in the end) and I’m never having a child again. Gas is a croc of shit that just makes you sound like a balloon, so I bailed on that, and I took the pethidine too late for it to actually work. So, I’ve given birth to two children without pain relief and in that regard, I’m pretty proud of myself, but like I said, I doubt I could ever do it again; with my pregnancy being so hard and the labour feeling the way it did and being so close to having to have a caesarean section (Indi’s heartrate was dropping at a phenomenal speed..) I’m almost convinced that it would kill me to go through it all again, and I’m not even kidding. That said, I am so in awe of my beautiful girls, and being a mother is definitely what I was born to do. I hope to get back to blogging as soon as possible.