further absence.

I am a very bad and lazy blogger. I’ll often tell a story completely half arsed and forget the actual interesting portion of it making it completely boring and useless, or I’ll just forget to post whenever something interesting happens and leave my blog full of massive holes interspliced with updates about how awesome my iPhone is. Well, firstly, my iPhone *is* awesome. But more importantly, the last few months has seen the arrival of Indiana Lux (named after two pop culture staples; Henry “Indiana” Jones and Lux Lisbon) turn into normality, and I am now happily settled in what I can fairly confidently call a “routine”. Sure, on the days that Beatrix is with her daddy, we go back to bed about 3 times a morning until we get up at noon, but you allow yourself to do that on the days you can… so that you can cope on the days you can’t.

Here’s what we know about Indiana so far. Her hair changes daily from brown/auburn/red. She is a round, rolly polly child of May. Her smile is bigger than her entire face. She sleeps for 5 to 8 hour stints each night. Her cheeks are busting like she’s hoarding chestnuts for next winter. She completely adores her sister and lights up whenever she enters the room. She enjoys being in her pram so much that she’ll often miss a feed by 2 hours because she’s fast asleep. (I’d probably enjoy being in a $1700 yuppie Bugaboo pram too.) She is an absolute delight, and it makes me feel ridiculous for ever questioning whether or not I could ever love her as much as I love Bea.

Unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter were probably invented with me in mind, because I like staying in touch and letting people know what I’m doing with complete minimal writing effort; hence 50 updates a day about really riviting stuff like the Child Support hotline being complete crap. I will, will, will get back into the knack of using WordPress, and mostly because I like the idea of looking back at the first months/years of my kids lives and seeing what I was thinking or feeling, and how much I’ve grown. Already in the years since I first started blogging I’ve noticed tremendous change and strength emerge in myself through being a mother, and I hope my attempt to keep this blog alive serves as a reminder to this; if not to anyone else, then just me!