Screen shot of yogabbagabba.com’s news section.

Things like this really bother me, which is probably saying something about my control freak nature… because I’d usually enjoy a situation where, say, Bea is featured on her favourite website, like above. But the bastards stole my photo! Directly from Flickr! And cropped it so it looks like a totally different photo! I’m not saying that it’s a piece of photographic genius (it obviously isn’t) but Jesus, gimme at least some credit or ask before using my shit. And you can’t tell me that it’d be hard for them to get a photo of a guy in a Brobee suit. It’s *their* goddamn character. The Creative Commons I have pasted underneath ALL of my photos explains exactly how I would like my photography used and credited, and my profile states that I don’t like photos of my girls being used without my PERMISSION. Sure, I’ll probably get 100 people on Facebook telling me to get a life and take down my photos if I don’t like it, but the point is that I have the right to share my crap with my family and friends, and it’s just common fucking manners to ask. And really, it’s not that hard to ask. I check my account like every few hours, it’s not like you have to wait long for a response. I mean, it’s Yo Gabba Gabba! Of course I woulda said ‘yes’! So, basically, from this you’d all better gather that if you take my stuff I’m gon’ split yer skull. ASK!!