I sent the exact same email to Yo Gabba Gabba again. It’s been like 11 days, and they’ve been updating their blog, I’m sure someone’s read somethin’ by now. The stealing was enough to shit me pretty bad, but what seems like apparent IGNORING is really what’s annoying me now. I wish I was an arsehole so I could get all up in their grill, but actually after looking at my Creative Commons, you can only set it for an individual country — mine being set for Australia. Surely to God, that’s a bullshit loophole that isn’t morally right. I’m really disappointed that an organisation I’ve pimped out to so many other parents has just completely fucking dismissed me. I’m giving it two more weeks and then I’m writing a new improved ALL CAPS LOCK angry version of my email.

Edit; I just got a response;

email removed due to complaint (i’m allowed to write that, right?)