desperate and dateless?

Following in the steps of two of my friends (who shall remain nameless) I have decided to join good ol’ Oasis Active. At first I thought “this’ll be hilarious”, then I thought “this’ll be an interesting social experiment” and now I just think “Jesus, I have finally reached my threshold of lame”. Now, of course no offense intended to my lovely friends who joined, because both of them are completely gorgeous people and really, would have no problems securing a “real world” person, but this website has enhanced all the things I feel are bad things about myself. The self advertising portion being one that I cannot stand. I hate profiles written by guys who are the first to say how shit they are, but then I can’t handle the ones where they tell you they’re your dream catch and they’re ripped and gorgeous. The only slight cute, human looking one ended up being a weird American cowboy who wanted to sneak into my house after 5 minutes of talking to me, asked way too many questions about sexual preferences and cup sizes, and is apparently currently touring Australia in search of syphilis (which I’m sure he’ll find the way he’s going.) Why are there no normal men available anymore? And to those who have one — where the hell did you find him?