Bonds Baby Search 2009


I wouldn’t be any kind of mother if I didn’t say; vote for MY baby for the People’s Choice Award, she’s the cutest and most awesomest. And if she wins the vote from the Bonds judges, we get flown to Sydney, put up in a hotel room and fatty becomes the next face of the Bonds winter campaign! I’m not holding my breath though, she’s a redhead and most people are biased arseholes!

Anyway, please take the time to register your vote for Indiana! She’s the People’s Poet! She knows your heartache! She’s representing the little man! Or the redhead man! Or the fat man! Or most importantly, if she wins, she’ll be stocking her own closet full of new Bonds gear — so she’s representing the poor man! Voting closes October 15th (and the winner is announced on October 20th) so please VOTE FOR HER! You can find her page at;

One day I’ll make a real blog post again, probably after we get back from my sister’s wedding in Queensland and I have a mental breakdown looking after the girls on the plane. Watch this space.