I’m typing this entry on my iPhone because my new operating system has caused my computer to be internetless, so please bear with any horrible spelling mistakes or weirdness, things will be back to normal as soon as I kill my Mac dealer. I was gonna type a nice long entry about my trip to Brisbane and my sister’s wedding but i’ll just get to the basics — Bea’s eardrum exploded on the flight up and she was extremely sick for the entire trip; vomiting, crapping her pants, fevers and of course blood pouring from her ear. She slept most of the days, had two trips to a weird foreign GP and ate nothing… and left me stressed to the eyeballs about hospitalizing her. Fast forward a week and we’re home safe and exhausted, and Indi gets gastro and has to be admitted to the children’s hospital to be fed through a tube in her nose. I was sobbing! Oh, sigh.
Parenting is exhausting.