It is now February and I haven’t posted anything in months! I haven’t posted anything worth reading in… oh, wait, ever. (So ignore that.) No real significant events worth remembering much lest posting have happened, so my absence has been more rather that I can’t be bothered being witty about non-events, because it’s hard enough getting up the willpower to make myself write when something does happen. I’m worried that by becoming lazy about things that I’m going to miss a lot of Indi’s babyhood, but the truth is that if I sit here glued to my blog trying to capture a moment in text, I’m going to miss it in reality. Already I can’t tell you when she started sitting up (although Facebook status updates will probably give me the exact excited date) or when I gave her her first biscuit or felt her two teeth coming in, or heard her repeat “dada” after I said it, but all these things are slowly progressing along, and she is becoming less of a potato with hair and more of a little person everyday. The last few weeks have been filled with tense drama about her (very prematurely) weaning herself off drinking any sort of fluids, and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to work out the problem. We’ve been switching her formula and giving her bigger solid feeds and more calcium rich foods, and the world has become so much about mealtime that I can’t stand it. The sleeping has also gone into a psychotic phase, (4am bedtime and 6am waketime, hello?) and being blessed with two angel children that slept quite well as little tackers has not at all prepared me for the hell of controlled crying (I remember it briefly from Bea but have blocked out the trauma) and I’m just finding everyday a battle at the moment because I’m so tired and mentally shattered. One problem I have identified is that Indi is extremely strong willed (Taurus) and stubborn (more Taurus) and must be fed in a completely dark and boring environment or she’ll simply get too distracted. She’s also a huge fan of her sister (another strong willed, stubborn Taurus) and seems to be mimicking her — perhaps this is why she’s decided that she only eats like a “big girl” now — and misses her terribly when she’s not around. I had her to myself this weekend while Bea was at Daddy’s house, and Indi was a completely horrid baby until her sister got home and has been a well-behaved angel ever since. The problem is also heightened by asking anyone for help, because as soon as I got Daddy to pull a nightshift to prove what a horrible demon baby she is, (like last night) she slept from 6pm until 6am WITH NO OVERNIGHT FEEDS. I was stoked but wanted to drown her for turning me into a whinging liar.
Anyway. If I don’t post as often, then you can still find small meaningless and boring snippets on my Twitter (see righthand column) and I update my Flickr as often as is considered sane, so you can at least see their growth in picture form.