I hate the world. My daughter almost died yesterday. Why did my beautiful baby have to be born into an asshole world where people can’t even put their rubbish in a bin? Especially their potentially life-threatening rubbish.
Bea, Indi and I were taking a stroll yesterday when Bea picked up an empty peanut shell and asked what it was. I screamed “drop it!” and ran us home to give her a bath — we’ve had exposures before. By the time we got to our driveway, Bea was purple and her breathing was laboured. When we got inside, she was blue and her breathing was stopping. I was losing her and I was panicking and couldn’t remember what to do. Luckily the instructions are printed ON the EpiPen. I administered Bea’s adrenaline shot and waited with a hysterical toddler while two ambulances rocked up. I have never been more terrified, I nearly lost her. She stayed in hospital for 9 hours and they released her hesitantly.
Please, please, if you’re someone who eats nuts, (especially peanuts) don’t do it out in public. Anything you touch becomes a potential death trap for extra sensitive kids like Bea. So many kids are allergic to nuts and nut products and they’re disguised in so many foods. Please help raise awareness so my kid doesn’t grow up in a world that won’t consider her and I have to put her in a bubble. Thank you.