miss polly had a dolly

…who was sick, sick, sick. And that’s what we are this week at Casa Del Cupcake. It’s been a lot less Ramones and a lot more sitting around listening to Hall and Oates with our noses crusted up to the brim, in a small effort to make ourselves feel slightly more jolly. Miss Bea’s asthma has gone loco with the onset of her cold, and is spending most days with raging fevers as well as hearty doses from her Ventolin and Seretide inhalers. As for Little Miss Lux, she’s trooping along with a crusty nose that makes sucking her dummy impossible, which makes sleeping for any of us near impossible. And me? I’ve got the throat from Hell and the most awful post-baby cramps ever, but as long as the heater in my house holds up to help us fight off the chills and the sudden onset of Autumn, I’m sure I’ll be fine in no time.