“Lupus!? Is it lupus?”

George Costanza, hypochrondriac extraordinaire.

But no laughing matter, however, is the plague that has come upon our house since before Bea’s birthday even hit us over a month ago. Poor Miss Honey has been coughing and hacking away like a smoker for 7 weeks, despite courses of antibiotics, lots of bed rest and vitamins. We’re a bit at a loss, but the doctor says that’s simply what happens to some kids in the Winter, so we’re just riding it out.

As for me, I’ve been diagnosed with glandular fever (mono, or mononucleosis, for you guys in the States) and have been sick for about the same amount of time — turns out, my fevers and ill-spells during the party planning were not just symptoms of stress and I now consider myself superwoman for hosting/preparing for the occasion whilst being quite unwell. Thanks to the support of my fantastic mum and my lovely ex, I have been getting a bit of rest and some small breaks from the girls, and every bit helps. Unfortunately, the best thing for me at the moment is sleep, and with Bea coughing away during the night and having to be on Mummy-call at all hours, I’m afraid I’m not getting as much as I could.

One of my mother’s co-workers suggested to her that I had symptoms that sounded a lot less like glandular fever and a lot more like lupus (argh!) so I’m currently awaiting some blood tests just to rule anything out. As revolting as glandular fever is, I would much rather have that than lupus, however much sense it would make for a lot of unexplained illnesses/symptoms I’ve had over the years.

As for our little wallflower, Miss Indi, she is trooping along in leaps and bounds, and is becoming what I consider quite the young Einstein. Her standing is great, she’s got solid balance and we’re taking our first few wobbly (unassisted) steps. She’s developed, of her own accord, a sort of baby sign language and although she’s not great at communicating verbally with me, I can ask her questions and get fairly accurate answers without her needing to know more than how to say “Mama”.

Example 1; pointing! We point at everything and it’s quite successful. I repeat the names of the objects or people in the hope that her mouth will catch up with her brain soon.

Example 2; nodding “yes”/shaking “no”. This, accompanied with the pointing, actually makes her demands communicable to me with little or no frustration on either of our parts. Any of you who are parenting know how frustrating this age can be for both mother and child when communication just isn’t clear and you don’t know what they want! Luckily, Indi and I seem to have our system down and I can even ask her if she wants to take a shower with me (she nods and points the way.)

As for everything else, it is to be expected, fairly eventless. Everyday my house is like a bombsite and I just haven’t the willpower to do much about it. Unfortunately, depression is common amongst the glandular fever-inflicted and I must say, for the first time in a long time, I am feeling it a bit. I’m also getting used to a new sort of co-parenting/relationship system that is supportive and caring and frankly, new and terrifying! The thought that I may also be intentionally sabotaging the unfamiliar is also very depressing and I’m trying very hard not to throw away a lot of progress because I either don’t understand it or I’m being too hasty with what I want from it. I hope he has the patience to endure my moments of uncertainty, however small.

So that’s it from our house to yours for a few weeks or until something of incredible merit and noteworthy-ness happens! The photos from the Wonderland party are available via my Flickr account, which you can access on the sidebar to the right. If you’re enduring the winter as I am, I hope y’all have somewhere or someone snuggly to get you through.