Looking to get a posse together for Harmony Korine’s new controversial film, two nights only at the Melbourne International Film Fest. We’re hoping to go on the Saturday session, deets are as below. Text, email or comment if you’re interested in joining the pack – the more the merrier!


USA/UK, 2009 (International Panorama)

“Pity the festival-going fool who stumbles unawares into Harmony Korine’s patently abrasive, deliberately cruddy-looking mock documentary Trash Humpers.” – Variety

Amongst the badly-lit alley ways that buffer suburban homes exists a great American underground that has been hidden from view – until now. Here we find the elderly left to their own devices, a geriatric Jackass where filming each other humping trash cans and smashing baby dolls counts as an active retirement.

Harmony Korine (Gummo, julien donkey-boy) shows a world where the bastard kids from Gummo are left to grow old and perform twisted vignettes in glorious lo-fi VHS, and any last remnants of good taste are thrown onto the trash – only to be humped by grandpa.

“A pre-fab underground manifesto to rank beside John Waters’ legendarily crass Pink Flamingos.” – Variety


Code Films Date Time Venue
2098 TRASH HUMPERS (78 min) Wed 4 Aug 9:15 PM Greater Union Cinema 6

Code Films Date Time Venue
5118 TRASH HUMPERS (78 min) Sat 7 Aug 4:45 PM Greater Union Cinema 3