So, I’ve been hesitant to put too much of a hint online about what I’m doing for my pre-Father’s Day surprise for my honey, mostly because I’m scared he’ll see it and it’ll blow the surprise, but I’m fairly confident that he doesn’t know Twitter or WordPress exist, and I have to blab it somewhere!

I’ve booked us a deluxe suite at The Blackman for just the two of us, which is the newest of the Art Series Hotels that are scattered around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Each hotel is designed to a theme around the works of an artist – The Cullen (Adam Cullen), The Olsen (John Olsen) and The Blackman (Charles Blackman) respectively, and houses their paintings in each room. Having seen the exterior of The Cullen and being quite impressed that it wasn’t just another annoying beige businessman shithole, when I saw that The Blackman was having fairly reasonable opening rates and a lot of the decor was hot pink (!) I decided to be a little bit cheeky and just book it without telling anyone. He has no idea where we’re going, only that he is to arrive at my house at 2pm and to bring clean underwear. I think this has added a layer of horror and anticipation at exactly what the fuck we’re doing and what I’m going to do to him, because he knows whatever it is, it’s expensive. At this stage he has it narrowed down to either copious high-class drugs or skydiving; both involving clean underwear due to soiled pants!

Mostly, more than anything, I’m enjoying the idea of just being able to relax with him, without worrying about tantrums or stinky nappies or the girls waking us up at 5am. I have a loose idea that we’ll probably go shopping or to some galleries in the afternoon, get some dinner somewhere, maybe some beers… the only thing I have really “planned” is heading off to Red Bennies (South Yarra) to see Lilikoi Kaos perform her unique brand of circus cabaret, because it’s near our hotel and it’s only 10 bucks. That said, I’m flexible and don’t really care if we sit in the hotel suite for 18 hours! Then the next day on Father’s Day, we’re taking the girls to Melbourne Zoo for a picnic. It should be good fun, here’s hoping the weather improves though or we’ll be picnicking on the floor of the aquarium! I’ll post some photos once we get home, because I act like a Japanese tourist when I go anywhere… Oh, did I mention that this hotel is 5-star? Go on, feel what I want you to feel; jealous!

♫ “Heartbreaker” – MSTRKRFT and John Legend