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  • Nikki 8:02 am on July 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Looking to get a posse together for Harmony Korine’s new controversial film, two nights only at the Melbourne International Film Fest. We’re hoping to go on the Saturday session, deets are as below. Text, email or comment if you’re interested in joining the pack – the more the merrier!


    USA/UK, 2009 (International Panorama)

    “Pity the festival-going fool who stumbles unawares into Harmony Korine’s patently abrasive, deliberately cruddy-looking mock documentary Trash Humpers.” – Variety

    Amongst the badly-lit alley ways that buffer suburban homes exists a great American underground that has been hidden from view – until now. Here we find the elderly left to their own devices, a geriatric Jackass where filming each other humping trash cans and smashing baby dolls counts as an active retirement.

    Harmony Korine (Gummo, julien donkey-boy) shows a world where the bastard kids from Gummo are left to grow old and perform twisted vignettes in glorious lo-fi VHS, and any last remnants of good taste are thrown onto the trash – only to be humped by grandpa.

    “A pre-fab underground manifesto to rank beside John Waters’ legendarily crass Pink Flamingos.” – Variety


    Code Films Date Time Venue
    2098 TRASH HUMPERS (78 min) Wed 4 Aug 9:15 PM Greater Union Cinema 6

    Code Films Date Time Venue
    5118 TRASH HUMPERS (78 min) Sat 7 Aug 4:45 PM Greater Union Cinema 3

  • Nikki 12:57 pm on July 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Too many things both exciting and mundane are afoot as of late, therefore here is a small snapshot into my life currently (no, it’s not a pile of shitty laundry, but thanks to Indiana’s current illness, it might as well be…)

    Objects of my affection, Indiana in the snow, and Beatrix’s trip to the ER (no broken bones)
    Hopefully before the month is out I’ll be able to take the girls to see the Tim Burton exhibit, and get my little family up to the mountains to visit a hedge maze. If you hear of arson, it was probably me burning my impatient way out.

    • Koko 10:18 pm on July 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hedge Maze! If you happen to be going on a weekend and want an extra (oh my why am i starting to be more child loving!) tag along… I would love to come!

      • Nikki 3:36 am on July 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        It would be on a weekend because we need Daddy to drive… I’ll keep you posted!

  • Nikki 2:05 pm on July 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: George Costanza, Seinfeld, video, YouTube   

    …is brought to you by the best Seinfeld clip ever, which always makes me feel better – probably because we are Dutch and enjoy any small moment of recognition we get.

    And if that doesn’t do it, here is Jerry Seinfeld screaming at a bottle lid;

    And Larry David exploding a swan with his golf club.

    And if you don’t like either of those and you’re incredibly difficult; stuff ya! This is my blog anyway!

    • Grant 9:07 am on July 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      It really says so much about me that when I watched the Larry David clip, my first thought was “EAT THE BLOODY SWAN!”

      • Nikki 5:26 am on July 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        haha! The best part is him screaming “hey! HEY! HEYYYY!” like 100 times as if the swan understands. That is completely something you and I would do. Except we’d scream “FUCK OFF CUNT!” and THEN explode it with the club.

  • Nikki 12:37 pm on July 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    I have put all of my eggs in one basket and now am I concerned that I am vulnerable. I am now not used to this feeling after months of feeling generally secure (except for those hateful, PMS moments where I destroy everything in my path) and I’m not sure what to do with it. There is potential here to make a huge messy muck of things, and I’ll admit, for some reason that is tempting. I feel there is a very fine line between maintaining my dignity and holding onto my morals, and making sure I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. I am not sure when to shut up and when to decide to simply settle. Is that what it comes down to in the end – being wise enough to settle? Do any of us really get what we want completely? I sound like a spoiled child when I say this in my head, and worse when I write it down to examine it. I don’t want to always be wondering if I cheated myself because I picked, say, three good solid things about someone and clung to them, and ignored three other things that really fundamentally bothered me. I guess it comes down to the weightiness of the problem.

    Let’s say, as a hypothetical, that you get on fantastically with – let’s call them Potential Partner A – but unfortunately, they keep you a secret. You’ve logically examined all the reasons why, and even though Potential Partner A says they are not ashamed or embarrassed of you, they still keep you a secret from their family and friends. Perhaps you reason with yourself that they are not as close to their family or friends as you. Perhaps, you decide, they are more secretive or private. Perhaps they need a safety net, a level of freedom just in case things go sour. Are these the sorts of things that people make up as lies to be able to live with a situation? At what point should you throw something important and amazing away simply out of principle?And how much should you put up with?

    Sometimes I feel as though I was born without the filter that makes you suck up your pride and just get on with shit. I cannot fathom when situations are unfair. This isn’t a tantrum-like childish response, it’s simply that I want things to be equal and straightforward in a world that is full of mixed messages and cyclic arguments.

    Potential Partner A is a loving, sensitive person that shares nearly all your morals, gets on with your family and friends, and shares 99.9% of your interests and tastes. You have great chemistry. You have fun. How much does this account for when a nagging feeling in your stomach tells you that previous women that Potential Partner A felt less chemistry with were getting a better treatment than you? I am sure that even the most together and non-suspicious would begin to wonder if there were something wrong with them that would make a partner lie about them or their level of involvement with each other. May I add, the use of the word “partner” would also be frowned upon here, for there is no precedent nor term in the English Dictionary that could accurately describe the skullfuckery that is afoot in my house as of late.

    I sound demented and selfish and I do not want to be one of those women who monopolizes someone’s free time. I also do not want to be one of those women who thinks and wants to change a man. I want neither of these things, I just want to feel validated and feel that I am indeed important, or that someone is proud of me. Because I am worth at least that.

    • Grant 9:16 am on July 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Sweetheart- I don’t really know what to say. You know that I think that you’re amazing; but at the end of the day that doesn’t matter, does it? I’m exactly the same: when there’s that special someone in your life, you only care about what they think, what they feel. And while I think it is completely natural, it’s also pretty miserable for you.

      It’s easy for me to say that you deserve better, that you should have a partner that boasts your love from the rooftops – because I’m not in your situation. This also means, sadly, that you should absolutely ignore everything that I (or anyone else for that matter) says to you.

      Ultimately you will come to a decision of your very own. Even if it hurts instantly or you wind up regretting it – you must own it entirely. Otherwise, from experience I have found that when we act with the words of another dancing in our ears, we always live to wonder differently.

      I love you endlessly.


      • Nikki 5:25 am on July 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, my lovely. I love you too, I always have you to make me feel like the luckiest lady in the world. 🙂 Not sure what I’m going to do yet but I feel like I needa stick with it a bit longer, so at least if I do throw in the towel, I can’t say that I didn’t give it everything I had. x

  • Nikki 3:28 am on June 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Tim Burton @ ACMI 

    Now, normally I’m not a “pitch-shit-at-you” kinda girl, but to be honest, I haven’t been to any event, any bar, or any store of huge merit in a long time. So, when Ross and I were looking for something to do for a night of “just Mummy and Daddy”, the opening of the Tim Burton exhibit, fresh from New York, seemed like a pretty good option. To be honest and as superficial as it sounds, I had sort of put Burton’s work to the back of my mind after the onslaught of 15 year old neo-goths with Jack Skellington backpacks had kind of ruined the whimsy for me, and had just thought this would be a semi-interesting time-waster with some vaguely interesting doodles.

    Not so! I was pleased to note my instant childlike wonder with nearly everything around me. Burton’s artwork creates its own entire world around you, and when you’re surrounded with larger than life props, it’s quite easy to be pulled into his magic. While there are the usual copious sketchbook doodles framed all over the place, for once I wasn’t bored and took the time to note each one. I particularly liked the note to a young Tim Burton from the Burbank Fire Department, his rejection letters from Disney and the early works he created at CalArts (which, I must pathetically admit, was always my dream school when I was younger) which show his work developing into the style that has become his trademark.

    I had also forgotten how many films I enjoy that Burton has had a hand in. Every time we went around a corner, I would make a high-pitched noise and clutch at Ross’ arm (I pushed a woman out of the way to get to the lifesized pumpkin-headed scarecrow from Sleepy Hollow) and I am ashamed to say that when I recognised the cookie-cutter robot from Edward Scissorhands, in the flesh, IN FRONT OF ME, I nearly cried!

    I’m glad the exhibit invoked such reactions from me, because it would be sad to think that the remnants of my 14 year old self had completely withered away into nothingness. I am sorry that I hadn’t seen the exhibit at the tender age of 14 however, because when we reached the cabinet where the REAL Jack Skellington puppet was cased, I felt nothing except shame that someone might see me looking at it and had to move on…

    For anyone still considering whether or not to go, here’s a run-down of (my own) exhibit highlights;

    ~ Edward’s gimp costume
    ~ the cookie-cutter from Edward Scissorhands
    ~ Enormous burned puppets from Willy Wonka’s factory, (pictured below) which is actually Bea’s favourite part of her favourite film – puppets on fire, melting, hmm – and I almost screamed when I saw them
    ~ a real scissorhand prop
    ~ larger-than-life topiary deer
    ~ Sleepy Hollow pumpkin head scarecrow
    ~ Headless Horseman’s cloak
    ~ Alice in Wonderland costumes and props
    ~ Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman suit
    ~ Sweeney Todd’s razors
    ~ The glow-in-the-dark peepshow Circus Tent tunnel forest thingy that has to be seen to be explained clearly (which made my hair look fabulous under ultra-violet light)

    Okay, everything was great, down to the doodles on cocktail napkins. Plus, Tim Burton himself was there puttering around in the crowd, so that kind of gave it a noice little speshul vibe. Yee-yer! So basically, if you appreciate art or film or both or neither, get yourself to ACMI before the season closes (it’s open till October) and with the amount there is to see, I would wait and go in the  morning a few months down the track so you can have it to yourself. I nearly killed the guy in front of me, who deliberately walks up and stands IN FRONT of you? Who stands with their nose practically ON the wall? Am I the only one whose parents took them to art openings as a child? Was nobody else raised with gallery etiquette?!

    (Next post; Raising Children With Gallery Etiquette…)

    • Grant 9:14 am on June 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      OK – we have to go when I come down. I was sold when you mentioned Sleepy Hollow. I ❤ that movie.

      This also reminds me of my recent trip to the NGA with the parentals to see the European Masters exhibit at 1:00 AM. There were bogans in PJs – and no one seemed to understand gallery ettiquet what so ever. I was so aggrevated by the end of it mum was warning people to get out of my grills.


    • Nikki 12:29 am on June 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Yes! I love it too, haven’t seen it in forever though. I might need to do a buying-up session at JB…

      People are morons. ‘Nuff said. Let alone being inconsiderate for MY viewing, I was just disappointed that people have so little regard for the actual artwork and risk breaking it. I saw a woman going crazy with her flash-photography, and I actually told one chick off for climbing up and feeling and pulling at Alice’s dress. I needed a lanyard! They should have paid me.

  • Nikki 1:13 pm on June 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    When you’re down in the dumps, do you unintentionally sabotage everything you have in your life to prove to yourself what an unlikable, tedious arsehole you really are?

    Yeah, I do that.

    I felt secure for the last few weeks! Oh, how I want that feeling back. Tomorrow I’m going to get up and be excited about the morning instead of waiting for my chance to fall asleep again. I’m going to vacuum the carpet instead of brushing the crumbs out of the way. I will be patient with my girls and take the time to remember that they are 5yrs old and 14mths old respectively. I’m going to pick up my clothes and FOLD them instead of wearing them off the floor. I will turn off my phone and wait until I have something REAL that I need to say instead of creating problems. I will pretend I am happy until I feel it.

  • Nikki 5:59 am on June 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    winter loves 

    To get me through this particularly cold Melbourne day, and let’s be honest, to get me posting on a semi-regular basis again, I thought each week – or probably more accurately, each month – I’d start posting a list of stuff that is keeping my sanity while glandular fever still rains supreme. Here are a few small graces that I am thankful for while the weather is dreary and my bones are aching;

    The Bugaboo “Chameleon” stroller

    Now single babyless people, do not scoff! I impart wisdom that you may one day need. Love or hate the yuppie mothers, you cannot deny that the stylings of this pram are Dutch design genius and it steers like a dream while weighing next to nothing. One handed 360 turns on the spot while I drink my yuppie beverage, countless seat adjustments and folding positions, it is akin to pushing a marble over the top of silk; smooth, flawless, a joy. I had almost stopped appreciating my darling set of wheels until I left my beloved in the back of my mother’s car and had to use my old, stuck-wheeled Valco Baby umbrella stroller. Never in my life have I sworn so much. I don’t care that it’s ludicrous to pay $1700 dollars (AU) for a pram, when you walk as much as I do (I don’t own a car) it’s worth every penny.


    The fan-dub of the Animal Crossing Movie

    How many countless hours of tears over this thing, I cannot tell you. And that’s just from Bea, nevermind me! We’re slightly obsessed with the Nintendo Wii version of Animal Crossing in this house, and when I discovered that the Japanese had made it into a film, I pounced. Subtitles are okay for me, but poor Bea can’t read and was completely devastated that she couldn’t understand it. That is until I found that a whole subculture of forum nerds had lent their voices to a pretty darn professional fan-dubbing of the 1st half of the movie. The movie is of course, complete boring bollocks, as you would expect from something based on a video game about picking apples and buying furniture. But it saved a large chunk of my sanity a few afternoons ago when Bea was in a particularly foul mood, so for that, thank you, geeks of YouTube!


    Prince’s “Controversy”

    Indiana and I (home-bound buddies that we are while Bea is at Kinder) cannot clean, eat, type, shit or do anything without this and countless other Prince albums as our soundtrack. She has learned to dance standing before walking as a result! Our favourites that our neighbours are surely sick of by now are Private Joy, Uptown, Adore, I Feel For You, Computer Blue, Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? and of course, my dirty dirty namesake, Darling Nikki, all of which are probably highly child-inappropriate, but I figure as long as it’s not about “smacking your ho up”, what’s wrong with my girls subconsciously wanting to find a man that satisfies them? Nuffin. So next time you’re feeling blue about emptying the dishwasher, chuck on Scarlet Pussy and see how you feel about it.


    Spoonin’ (with varying G to R ratings)

    There’s nothin’ better when you feel Up-Shit-Creek than a good old snuggle from your little girls, or freezing your arse off when you go to pee at 4 A.M to come back to a bed full of big-spoon man-heat.


    The Complete Series of Seinfeld

    I shit you not, through the course of my last few weeks of illness I have watched almost every episode of Seinfeld at least twice to keep me in a happy (albeit sarcastic and neurotic) mood. The only exception to this is the god-damn 4th disc of Season 7 that has gone completely AWOL and will be shot on sight when found.


    (Last, but not least) My family

    And thankfully, I have the funniest, sweetest, most gorgeous family and friends that I know of, and without their constant quirks, love, support and cuddles, I would have been a basket case 6 weeks ago. So thank you to Little Miss Indi, for being your rolly-polly hilarious self – to Miss Bea, for being the funniest girlfriend that I ever could have asked for – to Ross for giving me these two beautiful girls and for continuing to be the gorgeous, sweet boy from high school that I hold so dear – and finally to my Mum, without whom I would have been committed to the asylum long ago! Thankyou for your constant love and belief in me in good times and bad. I love you all!

  • Nikki 3:43 am on June 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    “Lupus!? Is it lupus?” 

    George Costanza, hypochrondriac extraordinaire.

    But no laughing matter, however, is the plague that has come upon our house since before Bea’s birthday even hit us over a month ago. Poor Miss Honey has been coughing and hacking away like a smoker for 7 weeks, despite courses of antibiotics, lots of bed rest and vitamins. We’re a bit at a loss, but the doctor says that’s simply what happens to some kids in the Winter, so we’re just riding it out.

    As for me, I’ve been diagnosed with glandular fever (mono, or mononucleosis, for you guys in the States) and have been sick for about the same amount of time — turns out, my fevers and ill-spells during the party planning were not just symptoms of stress and I now consider myself superwoman for hosting/preparing for the occasion whilst being quite unwell. Thanks to the support of my fantastic mum and my lovely ex, I have been getting a bit of rest and some small breaks from the girls, and every bit helps. Unfortunately, the best thing for me at the moment is sleep, and with Bea coughing away during the night and having to be on Mummy-call at all hours, I’m afraid I’m not getting as much as I could.

    One of my mother’s co-workers suggested to her that I had symptoms that sounded a lot less like glandular fever and a lot more like lupus (argh!) so I’m currently awaiting some blood tests just to rule anything out. As revolting as glandular fever is, I would much rather have that than lupus, however much sense it would make for a lot of unexplained illnesses/symptoms I’ve had over the years.

    As for our little wallflower, Miss Indi, she is trooping along in leaps and bounds, and is becoming what I consider quite the young Einstein. Her standing is great, she’s got solid balance and we’re taking our first few wobbly (unassisted) steps. She’s developed, of her own accord, a sort of baby sign language and although she’s not great at communicating verbally with me, I can ask her questions and get fairly accurate answers without her needing to know more than how to say “Mama”.

    Example 1; pointing! We point at everything and it’s quite successful. I repeat the names of the objects or people in the hope that her mouth will catch up with her brain soon.

    Example 2; nodding “yes”/shaking “no”. This, accompanied with the pointing, actually makes her demands communicable to me with little or no frustration on either of our parts. Any of you who are parenting know how frustrating this age can be for both mother and child when communication just isn’t clear and you don’t know what they want! Luckily, Indi and I seem to have our system down and I can even ask her if she wants to take a shower with me (she nods and points the way.)

    As for everything else, it is to be expected, fairly eventless. Everyday my house is like a bombsite and I just haven’t the willpower to do much about it. Unfortunately, depression is common amongst the glandular fever-inflicted and I must say, for the first time in a long time, I am feeling it a bit. I’m also getting used to a new sort of co-parenting/relationship system that is supportive and caring and frankly, new and terrifying! The thought that I may also be intentionally sabotaging the unfamiliar is also very depressing and I’m trying very hard not to throw away a lot of progress because I either don’t understand it or I’m being too hasty with what I want from it. I hope he has the patience to endure my moments of uncertainty, however small.

    So that’s it from our house to yours for a few weeks or until something of incredible merit and noteworthy-ness happens! The photos from the Wonderland party are available via my Flickr account, which you can access on the sidebar to the right. If you’re enduring the winter as I am, I hope y’all have somewhere or someone snuggly to get you through.


  • Nikki 2:07 am on April 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    reflection and madness 

    The last few weeks have been jam-packed full of high tension and stress while I try to wrap my head around the obstacle that is having both my daughters turn a year older only 7 days apart. I knew when I gave birth to Indi that this would be a financial pain the arse (also, my brother’s birthday is 7 days before Bea’s) but I didn’t really factor my pitiful stay-at-home single mama salary into the whole equation. I’ve done the semi-sane thing by arranging for them to hold a joint birthday party on the weekend between their respective birthdays, but yet again, as I do every year, I have over-extended myself and given myself ridiculously high standards, and now when the slightest of things goes wrong, I feel like Bea will be disappointed. Ridiculous! Only I will! And I really need to let go and count the good things. Like, Bea has been on this planet for FIVE years! It’s amazing what a lovely little lady she’s become. As a special big girl present, We’ve bought her a second hand (pink, of course) Nintendo DS, because she is an avid Animal Crossing fanatic (she plays it on the Nintendo Wii currently) but gets stressed out when Indi presses buttons and snatches the remote. So we thought it would be nice for her to have something that’s just hers, that she can take to Daddy’s house and in the car and… well, let’s be honest, I really wanted it to save our sanity on the snow trip to Lake Mountain in a few month’s time…

    And Miss Indi will be ONE! It’s astounding to me that this little person has been here for that long now. And yet, I can’t remember a time where she wasn’t part of our family, it seems like she’s always been with us. Her communication skills are bounding, she says dada and mama, and points to everything and loves learning the names of objects, and she has just begun to stand very wobbly (and briefly) unsupported.

    So, here is a list of things that are stressing me about the party, and hopefully once I commit them to “paper”, I can rid them from my head and just let what happens happen.

    *The theme is Alice in Wonderland. I fear that nobody will bother dressing up, and if they do we will have 9 versions of the White Rabbit. Yes, I am anal, but this bothers me. I also fear that the Alice dress that my dad has sewn for Bea will not fit her, he is bringing it down from New South Wales with him a few days before the party, and she has never tried it on. I also fear that something will go wrong with my costume rental plans, even though I have booked in advance… yes, I am being horrible pessimistic at this stage.

    • We are holding the party in the backyard. The grass, up until 2 weeks ago, was taller than Bea. I’m not exaggerating. (We’re a house of girls, and we don’t do garden.) It has been whipper-snippered, but it is now just a colossal bed of thick, straw coloured roots with tiny green buds poking through. It is to be mowed again next week before the party, but I have my doubts that it will look anywhere near good.
    • Having a backyard party poses another threat in Melbourne winter – rain, wind and cold. I have no Plan B, my house is awkwardly laid out for partying.
    • The oven has been broken for 9 months or more after the element caught on fire. Finally a guy has come to fix it, but needs to order the parts. If it’s locally, he’ll come back tomorrow, otherwise it has to come from Sydney and may not arrive in time. I may not be able to bake anything I had planned – cookies, cupcakes or birthday cake. My Plan B is decorating a pre-bought sponge (if you see my Flickr account and reference Bea’s 2nd birthday cake, you will see that this isn’t such a bad idea) and then… I dunno about the rest. I’ll buy some plain cookies and ice them. (We need “Eat Me” cookies to keep with the theme.)
    • No kids are going to show up is one of my biggest fears. Mostly because only one person who has a child has confirmed, and her son doesn’t even like Bea, so she might not bring him. This breaks my heart for Bea, but as long as I don’t draw attention to it, I think it will be okay…

    Okay, so far, that’s it. I will post photos next week. Wish me luck!

    • tammy tambug 10:49 am on April 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Yo! Weren’t you thinking you could have it at Ross’s if the weather is too shit on the day? And with the baking, I know it’s a pain in the arse, but can ya borrow somebody else’s oven the night/day before? Maybe Ross or yo’ mama could babysit the bubs while you do the cooking over at his place? Surely they’d be understanding of that! But here’s hoping the oven-doctor will have his thangz in time.

      I think weather and food should be your only concerns, and really, all of these things are manageable. I know because you’re creative you set yourself high standards and you really want to have the standards realised, but at the same time, it will still be a great party if things don’t go according to plan. She’s 5, and she’s Bea, she’ll be so overjoyed by the attention and her gifts and the food that she won’t care if her dress doesn’t fit her entirely, or if everybody is a rabbit, and if she has to stay inside and be served cupcakes by her mother dressed in DIY crepe-paper garb. That being said, the probability of all of your fears coming to fruition is so small it would almost be like this bizarre supernatural occurrence if they did. In which case – also kind of awesome!

      I promise I will not be the white rabbit.


    • tammy tambug 10:51 am on April 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      PS: nice new layout!

    • Nikki 11:14 am on April 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Haha, thanks T-Pain.
      I considered cooking at Ross’ place, but his oven is from beyond the stone age and takes no shit, 3 hours to cook a chicken. Every time I’ve used that thing I either under-cook and have no time left, or I end up burning things because I decide it needs to be left in for several hours. I decided the stress of using someone else’s oven that I’m not familiar with is just going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We will suffice with bought cake if it all comes crashing down. Nobody will care, really.

    • tammy tambug 7:31 am on April 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hahahaha, fair call. Hope th’ oven gets fixed nonetheless x

    • jackie 6:02 pm on May 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      So How did the party go. Has it happen? Can’t wait to see the pictures? Who did you dress up to be?

      • Nikki 6:34 am on May 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Went really well, thanks. I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts – hopefully someone got a photo of it!

  • Nikki 8:21 pm on March 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    miss polly had a dolly 

    …who was sick, sick, sick. And that’s what we are this week at Casa Del Cupcake. It’s been a lot less Ramones and a lot more sitting around listening to Hall and Oates with our noses crusted up to the brim, in a small effort to make ourselves feel slightly more jolly. Miss Bea’s asthma has gone loco with the onset of her cold, and is spending most days with raging fevers as well as hearty doses from her Ventolin and Seretide inhalers. As for Little Miss Lux, she’s trooping along with a crusty nose that makes sucking her dummy impossible, which makes sleeping for any of us near impossible. And me? I’ve got the throat from Hell and the most awful post-baby cramps ever, but as long as the heater in my house holds up to help us fight off the chills and the sudden onset of Autumn, I’m sure I’ll be fine in no time.

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